The Real Deal Trio

Moving to Gainesville Florida

December 02, 2022 Judson Osbon and Mohit Badlani
The Real Deal Trio
Moving to Gainesville Florida
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Anna Olcese is a Miami native who relocated to Gainesville over 20 years ago.  As both owner of Segway Group, which specializes in helping organizations with their recruitment and relocation endeavors and as a Realtor, she works closely with Gainesville area businesses and government to help recruit top talent from around the globe and then assist them with their real estate needs.  Anna is also the host of the "Let's Talk Real Estate" podcast, which helps to educate the audience about a variety of real estate-related topics, local and national market conditions, and how the area’s growth and opportunities compare to other cities nationwide. She also creates videos to showcase the area's natural beauty, housing opportunities, businesses, and the people who make the Gainesville area what it is today and what it will become tomorrow.  Join us for a fun conversation with Anna about moving away from and then back to Florida plus find out just what the "Gainesville Vortex" is!

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(Cont.) The Gainesville Vortex with Anna Olcese of Let's Talk Real Estate Podcast